Saturday 27 May 2017 by Lucas Wilde

Arsenal legend John Terry proudly hoists FA Cup

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Arsenal’s John Terry has raised the FA cup for his team for the last time.

The defender retires this year, having played for the Gunners for an unknown but presumably large number of years.

“Yeah, he’s been good, I assume,” said oddly puzzled Arsenal fan, Simon Williams.

“I can’t recall ever seeing him get a yellow card in an Arsenal shirt so I assume his attitude toward the game has been outstanding.

“Would be nice if he could let Arsene Wenger raise the cup though, he’s been holding it for a good hour. Plus his shirt is all creased like it’s just out of a packet.”

Chelsea fan Jay Cooper said, “I was sure John Terry used to play for Chelsea, but then I remembered Arsenal’s away strip is blue, so that’s where my confusion lies. I should pay more attention really, as our back three should have done today.

Terry’s agent said, “John put a great showing in today.

“He always believed that the team for which he wore the appropriate kit at the end of the match would win.

“He shared that with me last night while we were double-teaming someone else’s wife.”

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