Theresa May backpedals over BBC cameraman’s foot

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The prime minister has accidentally reversed her bicycle over a journalist’s foot yesterday.

Theresa “Strong and Stable” May made the error as she was frantically winding back a new policy to kill the elderly.

“Silly twat,” sobbed pained journalist, Simon Williams.

“I mean I am milking it a bit, bicycles don’t weigh that much and it’s not like Theresa May is a heavyweight, in any sense of the word.

“Still bloody smarts though, I’ll be limping for a good ten minutes.

“What kind of moron makes policy changes while riding a bicycle anyway?”

Eye-witness Jay Cooper said, “She needs to really pay attention when back-pedalling.

“Not only did she run over that chap’s foot; her bicycle tyres went clean through a picnicking child’s school lunch and then traipsed the resultant mashed potato all over a copy of Article 50.

“Then she hit a fox, but I’m fairly sure that was deliberate.

“She finally stopped when she accidentally crashed through a hospital, causing untold damage which she promised to clear up but she didn’t leave a note or anything, she just ran away.

“Are you getting this yet? It’s bloody clever.”