Most Labour MPs busy making plans to go backpacking

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Leaked documents from the Parliamentary Labour Party have revealed that nearly all sitting MPs are planning some lengthy travels to far off destinations after June.

Also in the documents were receipts for mosquito nets, InterRail passes, hand sanitizer and copies of Lonely Planet’s India On A Shoestring.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one MP from Slough confirmed that most of her colleagues started to plan their trips as soon as Theresa May called for a snap election.

“Everybody’s pretty psyched. Chuka Umunna and Keir Starmer want to cycle from Cairo to Capetown. Harriet Harman and the other speed freaks bought round-the-world tickets and are going to kick off with the Full Moon parties in Ko Samui.

“I’m going to work on a Kibbutz then join up with Jess Philips. She’s got an Israeli FWB who can put us up in Tel Aviv as long as we don’t mention Ken Livingstone.”

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A Labour party spokesperson was adamant that senior Labour politicians were planning to win the election and were preparing for government under Prime Minister Corbyn.

He then looked nervously around and slipped our reporter a promo flyer for a concert by Red JC at the upcoming Prague Pride in August.

When contacted, Milos Jartuz, the organiser of the event, did confirm that a certain J. Corbyn was a headline act.

“We’re really glad he could make it. In the world of Happy Hardcore, Jezzy Corvinus is a legend. Do you know him from England? He’s some sort of Greenpeace campaigner isn’t he?”