‘I also can’t think of another politician treated more unfairly than Donald Trump’ says Winnie Mandela

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Winnie Mandela has today come out in support of Donald Trump and says that she too is struggling to think of another politician who’s been treated as badly or unfairly as him.

Yesterday, in an address to the cast of the new Baywatch movie, Trump valiantly and courageously hit back at the unfair and biased media who clearly have a hidden agenda because he is not part of the political establishment.

Despite his best efforts to stick to a discussion about his party’s policies and the graduating class before him, the crowd were clearly calling for him to turn the conversation back to himself and his unfair treatment.

After hearing the humble and reluctant address on the radio, Winnie Mandela told reporters, “Mr Trump’s treatment by the press is nothing short of barbaric.

“The way they keep ‘quoting’ what he says in their so-called newspapers, or how they seem to want to understand his motives for sacking the person leading an investigation into his administration, is absolutely shocking.

“I can’t think of another politician in the history of this planet who has been treated more unfairly than him.

“I heard the specials were recording a protest song about it. I just hope this is true.”