The pound plunged on 24th June 2016 because Spurs bought Victor Wanyama for £11m, insists Theresa May

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The dramatic fall in the value of the pound the day after the EU referendum was entirely caused by the decision of Tottenham Hotspur to pay £11m for Victor Wanyama, according to the Prime Minister.

She explained that linking a falling currency to Brexit was foolish in the extreme when the evidence of the real reason was there for all to see.

“Tottenham confirmed they would be paying £11m to Southampton for Wanyama’s services, and then the pound started to fall,” she explained to reporters.

“The currency markets are extremely complex, so I don’t have time to explain precisely how the two are linked, but rest assured that Spur’s decision is at the heart of the currency fluctuations.

“We were extremely unlucky that Daniel Levy wrote that particular cheque on 23rd June, and left Brexit to take the blame for a tumbling pound.

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“If he had concluded the deal a few days earlier none of you would be stood here blaming Brexit for the fall in the pound.

“Do not mistake correlation for causation. If you’re still blaming Brexit for the fall in the pound, then you’re clearly an idiot.”

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