Avril Lavigne and her clone set Facebook relationship to ‘It’s complicated’

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The clone of Avril Lavigne has changed her relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’ after allegations she replaced the original emerged.

The clone, who is accused of ‘acting like she is someone else’, is understood to be frustrated by being made to look like a fool.

Meanwhile, Lavigne herself promised fans she is still alive, and promised that she will never fake it.

“Avril is very upset by the allegations that she is dead and is now someone else round everyone else,” a spokesman for the singer told us.

“She doesn’t see how that could fool anyone, and she’s just watching her back like she can’t relax wondering where the next allegations will appear.

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“Of course Avril hasn’t been replaced by a clone. Could it be any more obvious?”

When reporters challenged the spokesman to disprove claims that Laverne had been replaced by her double called Melissa after dying young, the spokesman pointed aggressively and said ‘I’ll see you later, boy.”