Ian Brady loved Filet o’ Fish, insist McDonald’s

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Multiple child murderer Ian Brady loved to tuck into a good old-fashioned Filet o’ Fish meal after a hard day’s slog on the moors, according to McDonald’s.

A new advert scheduled for general release this summer shows actors playing Brady and his twisted lover, Myra Hindley, posing for photographs under the big red M sign of the Saddleworth-based fast food outlet.

However, critics of the ad insist it is as lacking in taste as the shit dished out at any of its seventeen hundred UK restaurants.

McDonald’s spokesman, Chuck Williams, said, “We hope anyone bereaved by Brady’s death, such as the people who prolonged his life by force-feeding him through a tube, would feel comforted by the fact that they shared his love for deep-fried reconstituted cod in a tangy mayo sauce.

“Our market research, meanwhile, suggests a woman of Hindley’s age would have opted for the Chicken McNuggets with a side order of barbecue sauce.

“There’s a beautiful lighthearted moment when Brady spills his cola over his lover’s dress after being distracted by a rowdy bunch of schoolchildren.”

The ninety-second clip also depicts the brutal psychopath arguing with his weight-conscious accomplice over whether they should order an extra-large portion of fries.

Williams added, “In the end, Hindley submits to her lover’s will and agrees to go large with the fries, probably fearing the consequences if she doesn’t.”