New programme about panel-show comedians going on holiday together probably starting soon

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A new programme about two or three mid-range panel show comedians having a nice holiday together with amusing consequences will inevitably be starting soon, either on BBC2 or Channel Four.

The programme will feature several men called Warren or Josh on a variety of modes of transport doing banter with each other and eating crisps.

During the journey, one of the modes of transport will be delayed, and one of the comedians will seemingly get quite cross and stalk off away from the camera while one of his companions pulls a gosh-he’s-really-quite-cross face.

They will arrive at the destination, a caravan site full of ‘real people’ from the black country with UKIP flags and racist dogs.

The comedians will then spend the week patronisingly doing banter with their neighbours and visiting local sites of interests like the museum of holes and the place where someone found a really big stick.

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One or more of the following mildly amusing events will occur

  • The fat one will hurt his ankle and will have to be carried by the other two whilst doing banter
  • It will rain and everyone will sit in the caravan looking at the rain
  • Glass-blowing
  • Violently rocking a rowboat while one of them is standing up

They will then return home possibly meeting along the way the next gaggle of mid-range panel show comedians making a programme about having a nice holiday together with amusing consequences.

Whereupon they will all do banter with each other.