Doctors told to give IT systems two aspirin and come back on Monday

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Doctors have been told their IT systems will be looked at on Monday if they don’t get better of their own accord over the weekend.

The NHS has been told that their computer system, which has inconveniently stopped working at knocking off time, has probably just got a bug but call back if it’s not cleared up by Sunday night.

Medics say the symptoms of the computer infection seem ‘really serious’, but IT specialists reassured them saying it’s probably nothing to worry about at this time on a Friday afternoon.

“These things tend to happen just before the weekend but we doubt it’s that bad really,” said cyber security specialist Simon Williams from the golf course.

“It seems really worrying now but I’m sure it’ll clear up with a bit of rest and a hot drink.

“Make an appointment on Monday if a few paracetamol don’t fix it before then.