Labour pledges free vote on hunting BBC journalists

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Labour have pledged a free vote on hunting BBC journalists after they unforgivably reported what was actually said again.

“Have you ever seen the result of a journalist getting into a room with Jeremy and asking questions?” we were asked.

“It’s like a fox in a hen-house. They just keep snapping and tearing him apart long after there’s any need.

“They’re vermin and need to be controlled.”

Describing the hunting of journalists as a traditional Labour pastime, activists said that people just didn’t understand the ways of the party.

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Under the proposals, hunters would be allowed to ‘dig out’ journalists from Television Centre and set dogs on them to control their numbers.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn is leading from the front, having already had some ‘Bally good sport’ having a crack at Johnny Journo with his car.

“The journo is a cunning blighter,” a spokesman for the leader’s office told us.

“He gave us some good sport and a chase but we got him in the end.

“We’re hoping to flush out Laura Kuenssberg next.”

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