Shaggy finally admits it might have been him

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Popular noughties artist Shaggy has confessed to his girlfriend that it was actually him she caught cheating with the girl next door, after all.

After nearly two decades of strenuously denying cheating on her – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary – the singer yesterday confirmed to his girlfriend Simone Williams that it was, in fact, him she caught red-handed fornicating with his neighbour.

A close friend of the couple, Eleanor Gay, told journalists, “I can sadly confirm that Shaggy has confessed to Simone that it was him she saw making love to another woman on the bathroom floor, confirming her long-held suspicions to be correct.

“It’s been seventeen years since she walked in on someone who looked identical to Shaggy having sex with a girl on the counter, on the sofa and even in the shower of her house, and despite giving him the benefit of the doubt she has always suspected that he might have been lying about it.”

She continued, “Simone has always questioned how the marks on his shoulder got there, and whose screams she could hear getting louder, and now she knows the truth and it has left her stunned.

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“Shaggy and Simone need some time to focus on their relationship, and would appreciate some privacy during this difficult time.”

It is understood that Simone has always doubted Shaggy’s fidelity, with many close friends believing that she would have left him a long time ago if he wasn’t such a bombastic, romantic, fantastic lover.