Daily Mail rages at Labour’s ‘back to the 1970s’ manifesto because it would prefer to go back to the 1930s

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The Daily Mail has criticised Labour’s leaked manifesto for trying to drag Britain back to the 1970s, when in their view it should go back even further.

The tabloid front page fumed at the reported election pledges, which include renationalising the rail, energy and post services, scrapping tuitions fees and no income tax increase for the bottom 95% of workers.

Editor Paul Dacre said: “These loony lefty policies will take us back to the 70s, where disgusting liberal values benefitted an entire generation both socially and economically.

“We want a return to the proper good old days of extreme poverty, infant mortality and Nazis.”

It’s clearly a view that resonates with its readership, who long for the glory days of imperial measures and slavery.

“I agree that Corbyn is actually a danger to society,” Mail reader Simon Williams told us.

“These policies will benefit nobody and above all they will make Jesus sad, which leads to wet summers.

“When I voted to take back control with Brexit, I didn’t mean our infrastructure and public services.

“Why should I pay for some ungrateful kid’s school meals, or to educate the doctors, scientists and business innovators of the future?

“I mean, I don’t want foreigners here, but I’m sure as hell not forking out to enrich the mind and spirit of some dole scrounging chav so in time they can do the job instead, even if they do grow up to save my dreary life when I’m old.

“As far as I can see, there’s simply nothing in it for me.”