Angry toddler recruited to head up baggage handling at Luton airport

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An angry toddler throwing his toys around the room has been described as the ‘perfect candidate’ to head up baggage handling at Luton airport.

3-year-old Jack Williams received offers from several major UK airports including Doncaster, Manchester and Glasgow Prestwick for the role, but Luton put together a ‘very attractive package’, according to reports.

Luton told us that Simon’s role will involve moving passenger luggage with the care and attention they have come to expect from a prestigious international airport, and will almost certainly improve service and reduce damage and breakages.

“It was remarkable,” said Jacks’s parents.

“We uploaded a video of him throwing some expensive toys around the room and then stamping on them, and since then the phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

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“Things really took off when we told him firmly to calm down and take care of his toys, and he screamed ‘SHAN’T’ and jumped up and down on his toy Tardis.

“After that, we got offers from overseas, but to take the most attractive offer, we would have had to move to Lanzarote or Majorca, or commute to Paris.”

London Gatwick was almost the only major airport not to make an approach – but when asked they said they were very happy with their current head of baggage handling, an octopus suffering from severe epilepsy.