Theresa May’s pants catch fire

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Prime Minister Theresa May suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction yesterday on the campaign trail when her pants caught on fire midway through a speech.

Mrs May was speaking to supporters in Reading and as she said that she would support and strengthen the NHS smoke began to pour from beneath her suit jacket, then, as she promised to achieve a Brexit deal that would make Britain stronger people in the room began to smell a pungent stench of singed cotton.

It was as Mrs May stated that she intended to govern for every person in the country no matter how rich or poor that her pants fully burst into flames.

She was immediately bundled from the stage and a spokesperson quickly appeared and explained that they had no idea why the Prime Minister’s pants had caught fire.

At this point the spokesperson’s pants immediately caught fire and she too was bundled from the stage.

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She was quickly replaced by another spokesperson who claimed that the only possible explanation for two members of the Tory campaign team’s pants catching fire must be a defect in the standard issue Tory pants.

His pants then caught fire and the entire event was abandoned.

It is understood that Mrs May will be purchasing a pair of ‘strong and stable’ pants before continuing with the campaign.