Russia Today to launch White House reality TV show

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The Russian state broadcaster is to use its ‘unrestricted access’ to the White House to launch a reality show detailing the day-to-day life of the Trump administration.

The show, to be called “At Home with the President”, will use fly-on-the-wall cameras and microphones in every room to record the intimate details of life with the First Family, their staff, and National Security briefings.

The show was negotiated with White House insiders General Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon, who will later deny telling the President anything at all about it.

Producers promise a wild ride with all kinds of twists, as housemates are set tasks such as purging mobile phone handsets or destroying them with hammers in order to stay in the house as long as possible.

“Russia Today has the sort of ‘all areas’ access other broadcasters and branches of the American government can only dream of,” said senior producer Simonov Williamsovitch.

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“We’ll catch those private moments which really help you see the real President, such as when he’s talking to his children, his pets or a section chief of the CIA.

“We really expect this to be the very definition of ‘Must see TV’, especially in the basement of that anonymous line of offices on Savushkina Street in St Petersburg.

“We’ll say it’s possible for viewers to vote the housemates out, but in reality, we’ll rig the vote so the people we want in the house stay for as long as we like,” he added.

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