Next season of ’13 Reasons Why’ sees Theresa May receive 13,000 tapes

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The second season of 13 Reasons Why opens up with a lorryload of cassette tapes being unloaded at Ten Downing Street.

The first series of the hit show told the story leading up to a young girl’s suicide, using cassette tapes that she recorded before her death.

“And this season we’re exploring the deaths of thousands of disabled, sick and/or poor people,” declared show-runner, Simon Williams.

“It’s not going to be as varied as the first season – in fact, it’s basically going to be Theresa May sat in a room listening to various people posthumously explain how her government killed them.

“We’re basing it around true stories and the season will run for a whopping 108 episodes to allow us to crack through everything.

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“There’s a particularly moving episode where a disabled man dies after being declared fit for work and then collapses on an assembly line. Theresa almost expresses emotion at that point.”

“The final episode will see the Prime Minister listen to the final tape, shrug, and then have a thoroughly relaxing night’s sleep.”