Sailor who went to sea sea sea just to see what he could see see see criticised for wasting naval resources

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A sailor has been lambasted for wasting naval resources after going to sea sea sea simply to see what he could see see see.

Captain Simon Williams went to sea sea sea last Thursday, taking the survey vessel HMS McBoatface with the full complement of 78 crew.

He travelled North East from HMNB Clyde until fifty miles off the coast of Norway where he anchored. The Captain and the crew then spent the following 48 hours seeing what they could see see see.

“It is the most shocking waste of Naval resources I’ve come across,” said Professor of the sea sea sea Eleanor Gay.

“If Captain Williams felt it necessary to see what he could see see see in the middle of the sea sea sea then the Navy is equipped with a great deal of sophisticated radar equipment that could have provided that information at a fraction of the cost.”

Unfortunately, not only was the mission exorbitantly expensive, but ultimately it proved fruitless.

“All that I could see see see,” explained Captain Williams

“Was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea.

“Not sure why I bothered really.”