Marine Le Pen to rebrand the Front National as the National Front

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Marine Le Pen is to rebrand her far-right Front National party as the more catchy sounding National Front, it has emerged.

The decision was taken hours after it became clear that her party’s support had ebbed away in a historic defeat as every bit as factual as the holocaust.

The name change is seen as an attempt to broaden her appeal among extremist knuckle-draggers and oppressed cheese specialists from Reims.

The National Front was by far the most popular name among FN voters, beating the second choice “Kill All The Muslims Party” by a whopping two percent.

French political analyst, Simon de Williams, said, “When you look at some of Le Pen’s policies, you could be forgiven for thinking she is a bit of a cow raciste.

“France now has a new leader and he, at least, is not a c*nt shit-stirring.”

Meanwhile, former extremists the BNP announced a new rebranding of their own party to the more sophisticated sounding Front Nationale.

De Williams added, “Their new leader Nick Le Griffin sounds strangely familiar.”