35% for Le Pen means France is divided, insists man who told the 48% to suck it up and get over it

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France is a country completely divided, according to a man who has spent the last year telling anyone who voted to Remain that they lost and should get over it.

Staunch Brexiter Simon Williams told us, “The fact that 35% of the voters in France wanted Marine Le Pen as the president shows that France is ready to move to the right and reject the EU by taking on the terrorist-loving liberal elite.

“35% is definitely enough people to show that the anti-EU movement is winning across Europe.

“The fact that 48% voted to stay in the EU here in Britain, and that I dismiss them as losers who should just get over it, is completely irrelevant.

“French numbers are different anyway, everyone knows that. 35% over there is like 80% anywhere else, whereas in the UK 48% is basically like 5%. Yes it is, shut up!

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“Anyway, the number of votes doesn’t actually matter unless they’re convenient to my argument. Hell, Trump even got fewer than Clinton and still got the Presidency.

“Now that’s what real winning looks like.”

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