UKIP happy to lose every council seat as long as they keep the one on Question Time

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has insisted his party can survive losing all of their seats in the recent council elections, as long as they get to the keep their permanent one on BBC’s Question Time.

After losing 145 of the 146 seats contested in this week’s local elections, UKIP officials have spoken of their delight at retaining their seat on Question Time.

“You know, despite what people have been saying, we didn’t lose all our council seats – that is fake news – we actually kept one of them,” clarified Nuttall.

“And we get to keep the permanent seat on Question Time, obviously. Because that’s the law now, apparently.”

“Some people will say that UKIP is now an irrelevance, politically speaking, but that will never happen as long as we get to speak in front of the entire nation every Thursday evening.

“Yes, the Green party won forty times more seats than we did this week, but they’re crap for ratings with all their ‘ be nice to people’ and ‘look after the environment’ bullshit – so is it any wonder they don’t get a seat as often as we do.

“So either I or one of my colleagues will see you on Thursday, and yes my normal rider will apply. One large bag of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed.”