“I disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death to hide it from people’s feeds” Facebook confirms

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed his support for an updated version of Voltaire’s saying today.

Defending the use of algorithmically derived feeds, Zuckerberg said that if his organisation was in the business of showing people what they actually want to see it would have gone bankrupt ages ago.

“By ensuring that our system only shows people a carefully curated selection of content rather than things that, you know, them and their friends are actually interested in, we can ensure a constant revenue stream from selling their data.

“I give our users a solemn pledge,” he added. “I will die in a ditch for that second yacht. Those things aren’t cheap you know.

“Voltaire was a smart guy, but his ideas need updating for an era of monetised audience.”

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When asked why his system removes jokes and pictures of kittens but leaves beheadings and torture videos online, Zuckerberg said you wouldn’t believe how many clicks that stuff gets.

“You’d never share it yourself or tell anyone,” he told us. “But you look. Oh yes, you look.”

“But you look. Oh yes, you look.”