Queen to put Duke of Edinburgh out to stud

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The Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh is to be retired and put out to stud.

The Duke, who has sired at least four healthy offspring, will be a highly-prized stud royal and could command very high fees for breeding.

“The Duke has performed splendidly for over sixty years,” said a spokesperson for the Royal Family.

“He clearly has immaculate genes and we’re confident that a number of royal families around the world will be interested in having him breed with their females to create strong and extremely royal offspring.”

However, because of the Duke’s age, his breeding will be limited.

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“The Duke is 95 and is perfectly capable of producing healthy young as evidenced last year by – no, wait, I’m not supposed to say anything about that.

“The point is that, whilst still healthy, the Duke is 95 and therefore any breeding program must be restricted to take account of that fact. I would guess that he will breed two, maybe three times each year.”

It is understood that any stud agreement will have a clause written into it that absolves the Royal Family for any responsibility should the offspring of any royal bred with the Duke grow up to become profoundly racist.

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