EU seeking to influence election by keeping electorate dangerously well-informed, claims Theresa May

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Prime minister Theresa May has today criticised the EU for attempting to influence the general election by keeping the electorate dangerously well-informed about the Brexit process.

She spoke to reporters in Downing Street, explaining to reporters that keeping the British people up to speed with how Brexit negotiations are going is an affront to democracy.

“As we’ve said all along, we don’t want anyone who can vote to have even the faintest idea about what is going on behind closed doors in our negotiations with the EU, because that would be stupid.

“We want everything done in secret, free from media scrutiny and the sort of criticism that could lead voters to think we might not be doing such a bang-up job.

“We have promised the country a deal that is willfully unrealistic, so we need these two years of nothing whatsoever being said about it to ensure we give the people time to forget what we said.”

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An EU spokesperson said, “There are 27 countries that need to agree on the terms of the Brexit deal, with each country having to sell the deal to their own voters –  but sure, if she wants to try and keep the British people in the dark during the whole thing, then good luck to her.

“I’ve seen your newspapers; I’m sure that soon enough you’ll all be convinced that being told nothing is the best thing for you.”