Vladimir Putin to ask EU for tips on leaking during election campaigns

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Vladimir Putin is ‘actively jealous’ that the EU can make hostile leaks during an election campaign without anyone complaining.

Juncker is understood to have leaked content of a confidential conversation with the British PM ‘within minutes’ to the German press, in a move which could damage her during an election campaign some suggest he has no business interfering in.

Putin, who faced a barrage of criticism after interfering in votes in both the USA and UK, is understood to have contacted Jean-Claude Juncker to ask him how to leak information designed to damage a candidate without everyone getting angry about it.

“When I arranged for Hillary Clinton’s emails to get released to damage her during an election there was actual, solid evidence that she had said the things I claimed,” Putin told reporters.

“And boy-oh-boy you should have seen the anger I got.

“It was all interfering this and undermining that and hostile move during a foreign election the other.

“But Juncker just rings up a paper and says ‘Oh, yeah, this shit totally happened’ and everyone just repeats it and believes it without any question whatsoever.

“I want to know how he gets away with it, when I get threatened with sanctions.

“It’s almost like it’s not what is done, but who does it that gets people angry,” he added, jealously.