EU dinner was ‘strong and stable’ claims Theresa May

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Prime Minister Theresa May has denied claims in a German newspaper of clashes between her and EC President Jean-Claude Juncker at a dinner and claimed that discussions were strong and stable.

“We had a strong and stable aperitif,” said Mrs May, both strongly and stabley.

“After which we had a strong and stable starter course during which we discussed the strong and stable nature of the weather before enjoying a main course that was thoroughly strong and stable.

“I think that reports that the dinner was anything other than strong and stable can be safely ignored as being not strong and not stable reports.”

However, Mr Juncker’s account of the meal appeared to differ wildly from the prime minister’s.

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“It was most peculiar,” he said

“She just kept saying ‘strong and stable over and over again. No matter what I asked. I thought she was having a stroke.”

Mrs May dismissed this account as ‘Brussels gossip,’ saying that she was sure that Mr Juncker would have considered the talks to be strong and stable.

Many people have seen the reports of the dinner spat as an indication of just how difficult negotiations will be, but Mrs May denied that.

“I think that to have strong and stable negotiations we will need a strong and stable leadership that is strong and stable so that strong and stableness will be strong and stable during the strong and stable times ahead.

“Strong and stable,” she added, for some reason.