Facebook Friend really bloody loves blossom

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A Facebook friend has revealed their absolute, wholehearted and unfettered enthusiasm for blossom by posting over six hundred separate photos of various trees and plants in bloom.

Simon Williams began his colourful takeover of Facebook on Wednesday morning, posting photos every few minutes ever since.

“It was quite nice at first,” said friend Meryl Bottomdrawer.

“I mean, blossom and that, it’s pretty, you know? You see a tree all pink and you’re like ‘ah, that’s nice,’ but I do think that Si’s got a bit out of hand now.”

“Yesterday mum phoned to say that she’d posted on Facebook what she had for tea, you know? And that I should have a look, because I might like to have it for my tea. It was this fishy humus called taramasalata, you know? So anyway, I went to have a look and I just couldn’t find anything because it was just loads and loads of Si’s pictures of blossom everywhere.”

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“I mean, it’s pretty and everything, you know? But if your mum can’t show you what she’s had for tea then that’s really the point of Facebook isn’t it?”

It is understood that since the start of Spring, Facebook have had to double the size of their server-farm to cope with the number of blossom photos being posted to Facebook