Theresa May ejected from McDonald’s after repeated ‘strong, stable leadership’ responses jam drive-thru

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A four-hour stand-off developed at a McDonald’s restaurant yesterday as the Prime Minister stonewalled a drive-thru order point with continuous irrelevant replies citing ‘strong, stable leadership’.

Traffic backed up and staff were left in tears as the Prime Minister refused to select a meal, or answer basic ‘fries with that?’ questions.

“She wound down her window; I welcomed her and said ‘can I take your order please?’” said a member of staff.

“She replied that what the people of the UK wanted was ‘strong, stable leadership’.

“I sort of laughed and said ‘yes but what is your order?’ and she said that the question was really one of ‘strong, stable leadership’ or a ‘coalition of chaos’, whatever that is.

“I think she must have meant Burger King.”

A number of fruitless exchanges ensued, each provoking a response around the theme of ‘strong, stable leadership.’ Managers were forced to intervene as gridlocked motorists abandoned their cars.

“I went outside and talked to her, and I thought we were finally getting somewhere when I convinced her to take a large Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal,” said Simon Williams, the restaurant’s team supervisor.

“Then I made the mistake of telling her the choice was either fries, a side salad or a fruit bag – and we were back to square one.

“I even told her she could have it for free if she moved her car and ate in the restaurant, but apparently there were members of the public in there,” he said.