Trump tax cuts will be covered by Mexico paying the entire US budget, pledges White House

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Almost a trillion dollars of tax cuts will be covered by Mexico paying the US budget, Donald Trump has pledged today.

Announcing one of the largest tax cuts in history, Trump reassured American citizens that it would not affect the deficit or budget as any shortfall in revenues would be made up by generous contributions from south of the border.

When pressed for details on the form this contribution would take White House spokesman Sean Spicer grew angry, insisting that the President had ‘no intention’ of revealing his plans for how the payments would be enforced.

“I’m not gonna say how or when they’ll pay for it, but you mark my words they will. No, really. We mean it this time. Double promise,” he told reporters.

Economists studying the plans say that there are large cuts almost universally, but something of Trump’s thinking may be revealed by an 11,000% tax increase on Taco Bell and Chipotle.

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“We’re not sure whether anyone has told the President they’re American yet, but at the bottom there was a tax on KFC Zinger Burgers crossed out with the words ‘Spicy but Not Mexican’ scrawled next to it.

“What this means for the future of the tax proposals is anyone’s guess, although I think we can expect some tinkering around the edges over the next few months.”

Responding to the suggestion, President Nieto of Mexico suggested it would probably be easier if the Federal Reserve just printed three or four trillion dollars like they did for Obama.