Warmaster Horus to stand as ‘anti-Establishment’ candidate in election

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Warmaster Horus has blamed ‘biased media’ and a rigged system for his poor showing in the polls, but insisted he can still defeat the Empercor.

Insisting that only he can tear up the rulebook and overturn a system that is rigged against forgotten people in the Hive Worlds, Horus called upon a ‘mass movement’ to sweep him to power against the wishes of the Liberal Elite on Holy Terra.

“The Emperor of Mankind has said only he can provide ‘strong and stable government’ and demanded the votes of the faithful to prevent a Coalition of Chaos composed of Space Orks, Tyrannids and rogue Astartes in the forthcoming election,” said Horus.

“But his government systematically discriminates against psykers, often killing as many as a thousand in a single day.

“The Emperor’s refusal to meet me in either hand-to-hand combat or a televised debate just proves he is afraid of me – and you won’t see the biased Mainstream Media reporting that.

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“If he won’t debate me I’ll have to Empty Throne him.

“All you ever see about me in the lying media is that I’m the candidate of blood, skills and chaos, but that’s because I threaten their cosy consensus with straight talking.”

A spokesman for the Emperor has warned humanity that a big swing to the Tyranids could risk the marginal seat of Ultima Segmentum falling to the Tau Empire.

Minor parties have been sidelined in the contest, with Nurgle Farage deciding not to stand this time and Warboss Carnage Lucas of the Greenskins saying that the WAAAGH is more of a protest movement than anything but they hope to hold Nova Brighton.

However, many people appear undecided with voters in the Galactic North apparently determined to go their own way.

“Don’t blame me, I’m one of the 45% who voted to fall into the Eye of Terror,” one told us.