Please don’t look at my voting record on gay rights, pleads vicar’s daughter

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Prime Minister Theresa May is thankful to everyone for focussing on Tim Farron’s attitude to homosexuals, and not her voting record on gay rights.

After Lib Dem leader Farron confirmed that he doesn’t think gay sex is a sin, and pointed to a voting record in support of gay rights going back to his earliest time in parliament, the prime minister urged everyone not to look at her record.

“As the daughter of a vicar, my attitude to the gays is perfectly normal for someone of my age and background thank you very much,” she confirmed.

“Nobody needs to go looking into my voting record on issues around gay rights to determine whether I am a friend of the gays – that would be a waste of everyone’s time.

“Much better that everyone continues pretending that Tim Farron thinks all gays will burn in hell, than discuss the fact that I continued to vote against much of the gay rights legislation of the last twenty years.”

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Voter Simon Williams said, “Yes, I know Tim Farron has consistently voted in support of gay rights his entire political career, but he follows a strange old book that says gays are sinful, so that’s the really important thing to focus on.

“And no, I don’t see it as a problem that the prime minister follows the same book and is refusing to be drawn on the subject, despite being a vicar’s daughter.

“I’m sure that in private she’s very supportive of gay rights, she probably just repeatedly voted against improving them because she didn’t understand the question.”