Empty chair more likely to answer questions than Theresa May

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After Theresa May said she will not take part in head-to-head general election TV debates, analysis has revealed that an empty chair would be more likely to answer voters’ questions.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is amongst those insisting broadcasters should take action if Mrs May dodges the debates.

“Broadcasters should empty chair the prime minister if she refuses to take part in televised debates,” he said.

“And if they can’t find an empty chair then they will have to use the floor in the corridor outside the toilets.”

Despite opposition leaders urging broadcasters to ’empty chair’ Theresa May, experts have indicated that such a move could prove more insightful for the electorate.

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“The prime minister is so adept at avoiding questions that empty-chairing Theresa May could provide more detail than Theresa-Maying an empty chair,” said political analyst Simon Williams.

Mrs May has hit back at the criticism by saying something.

“Let me be absolutely clear that clarity will be a priority under my leadership,” she said.

“I’ve said time and time again that being clear is something that I am determined to be clear about.

“I don’t think I can be any clearer than that.

“What was the question again?”