Donald Trump’s biggest critic now his own 2013 Twitter account

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The harshest critic of Donald Trump’s performance as President of the United States is Donald Trump’s own 2013 twitter account.

Displaying an unexpected wisdom and prescience, Donald Trump from 2013 consistently steps in to point out how bad his decisions as President actually are.

A mere four years before he launched attacks on Syria, Trump attacked his own actions saying “The US should stay the hell out of Syria”, and demanded to know why the Arab League weren’t paying the US for the ‘tremendous cost’ of the 50 tomahawk missiles he hadn’t yet launched.

Insisting that President Trump should seek Congressional approval before getting involved in the Syrian war, 2013 Trump furiously denounced any such unilateral action by himself as Commander-in-Chief.

Describing how a US being dictated to by Russia or not stamping out sexual predators would be ‘weak’, 2013 Twitter Trump warned the American electorate about his own actions years before he took them.

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He even took the time to warn America against further increasing its national debt almost half a decade before committing to spending $168bn on infrastructure whilst cutting tax.

2013 Trump even warned himself in advance not to subvert the Constitution because he would be unable to abide by legal rulings or negotiate with Congress.

“Whether it’s a bombing raid designed to improve his terrible approval ratings, or the failure of said raid because he told the very people he was targeting, 2013 Trump knows the score,” we were told.

“Economics, Debt, Constitutional issues, sexual harassment. In 2013, Trump was a prescient genius critiquing his own Presidency.

“If I didn’t know better I’d assume we’re living in a sci-fi movie where yet another Trump from the future has been sent back to 2013 to warn the world against his own behaviour – with only Twitter as his tool.”

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