Vladimir Putin expecting to do well in UK election

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There is a degree of confidence coming from Moscow as Vladimir Putin is expecting to put in a very good showing in the upcoming UK election.

The confidence follows on from an unexpectedly strong result in the US election for the Russian President.

“As in most elections across the world, I will be fielding a candidate in the UK election,” said the Russian Premier as he reclined topless on a bear.

“I am currently undecided as to whether or not I will let that candidate know that I am fielding them.”

Initial speculation is that Mr Putin’s candidate will be Jeremy Corbyn.

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“Yes, I certainly am very tempted to make Mr Corbyn my candidate, for old time’s sake.

“And the lols, obviously.

“But it is 2017, and Russia has moved on from all that nonsense. It is a shame that Nigel is no longer running as that combination of stupid, devious and a near-sociopathic disregard for the people he represented is always appealing to us in Russia.

“However, it is, I think, a little too early to make my announcement.”

It is understood that Mr Putin was made aware of the announcement of a snap UK election on Monday afternoon, some two hours before Theresa May was made aware of it and he will be notifying all concerned of the results of the June 8th election on June 6th.