Victoria Beckham awarded OBE for services to music industry by leaving it

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Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has received an OBE in recognition of her services to the music industry by leaving it to pursue a career in fashion.

It is believed that Victoria Beckham’s change in career direction in the early noughties benefitted the music industry to such an extent that it was decided she should receive a public honour for the sacrificial and altruistic move.

Buckingham Palace spokesperson, Sir Simon Williamsby-Toffer announced to press that “Victoria Beckham is a shining example of an individual making a personal sacrifice for the common good.

“After the rise and fall of the Spice Girls, she could have spent decades churning out solo albums and performing sold-out tours for Spice Girls fans desperate to hear ‘Wannabe’ one last time.”

He continued, “But, instead, she chose to leave the lucrative business of high-pitched caterwauling in favour of the more challenging fashion industry, for which music fans worldwide are grateful.

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“And she’s surprisingly not bad at the whole fashion thing, so it turned out fine for everyone.”

Victoria Beckham’s eleven-year-old son Cruz launched his music career last year, and experts say he sounds pretty decent, suggesting he inherited his singing voice from his father.

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