One-way trip to Mars looking more attractive by the day

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The company which is offering the chance of a one-way trip to Mars got more signups than the Liberal Democrats yesterday, according to reports.

Mars One, which is offering a small group the chance to go to another planet and never, ever come back said their website almost crashed from the load after about 11am on Tuesday.

The group has said their applications procedure has seen several ‘inexplicable’ surges in popularity over the last year, most notably last November when what they initially believed to be a DNS attack turned out to be most of the population of the East and West coasts of America logging on at pretty much the same moment.

“Considering what we’re offering, it’s pretty surprising we’re so popular,” said Holland-based project lead Siem Willemsen.

“Effectively exiled to a harsh environment where you’ll probably die quite quickly, with no modern amenities such as decent sanitation, a varied diet or any meaningful sort of government.

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“Oh, hang on, I’ve just got another thousand applicants.”

The Mars one team say the most frequent complaint they’ve received is that it is impossible to sign up on other people’s behalf, and asked if Labour MPs would stop creating accounts in Jeremy Corbyn’s name.