I’ll present Match of the Day in my pants if Labour win the next General Election
, confirms Gary Lineker

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Gary Lineker vowed today to don boxers and make Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy awkwardly sit through it once again, if Labour manages to gain control in the House of Commons after the election on June 8th.

Speaking of the new vow, Gary said ”Well, I had made the original promise to do it based on the assumption that Leicester were the completely unexpected, ridiculed underdog with no hope or logical expectation of a way of actually achieving their wildest dreams – and that turned out quite well.

“so if my naked torso has the power to prevent the destruction of the welfare state I’m all for it!”

When asked if he thought he thought such a gesture would help increase the turnout, he said that he was confident it would create an upswing in support for Jeremy Corbyn among the forty-something female electorate who remember the shorts from Italia 90.

Gary also vowed that if his pledge didn’t seem to be having any effect on opinion polls, he was prepared to ‘stop playing games’ and begin restricting the national supply of crisps.

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