Jeremy Corbyn uncertain which way to vote in the forthcoming election

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Jeremy Corbyn has told friends he hasn’t decided who to vote for in the general election yet.

Corbyn, who was ambivalent about Brexit in the referendum last year, has told figures close to him that everyone has their good and bad points so making up his mind where to cast his vote will be tricky.

The Labour leader is understood to be planning to attend as many rallies by the various parties as he can, in between his hectic jam-making schedule.

“The LibDems have been playing a good game recently,” he told friends.

“They’ve got a strong communications game, and they’ve been gaining members at a rate we’ve not seen for a couple of years. They could really dent the Tories in the south-west.

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“It’s a shame the SNP aren’t standing in Islington, as I think they’ve been really good at holding the Theresa May to account at PMQs recently, and she needs someone to stand up to her.

“But I suppose I can’t discount the Tories; the country needs a strong and united government during the difficult Article 50 negotiations.”

However, he scoffed at suggestions he could vote Green, saying that would be a ‘wasted vote’.

When told he could vote Labour, Corbyn rubbed his beard thoughtfully and admitted yes, that would definitely be another option, before going and making himself a nice cup of nettle tea to help himself think.