Cadbury respond to recent criticism with launch of limited edition ‘Crucifixion Freddo’

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After recent criticism by the Prime Minister and Church of England, Cadburys have shown their commitment to the tradition of Easter with the launch of a limited edition Crucifixion Freddo.

The Archbishop of York and Theresa May both attacked Cadbury recently for disrespecting the Christian tradition by failing to mention it one time in some way.

Theresa May took a moment out of her busy schedule arming brutal dictators to claim that “if resurrections were an actual real thing, and not made up, then company founder John Cadbury would come back to life and go absolutely apeshit.”

Cadbury appear to have taken this criticism on board with a spokesperson confirming that “we have listened to the people – or in this case both people – and have decided to show our commitment to Easter by combining the crucifix, one of the most sacred icons in the Christian faith, and Freddo, our loveable little frog.

“We’d like assure Christians all over the world that we respect the tradition of Easter and vow to continue to sell poor quality confectionery to keep this strange but convenient tradition alive.”

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