Man infers entire Star Wars plot from the words “Breathe, just breathe”

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Star Wars fan Simon Williams has confidently announced he knows exactly what will happen in the Last Jedi from three words and a succession of disjointed, context-free images.

In his review, Simon said he was pleased it bucked the trend of showing the best bits in the trailer – or indeed anything of interest at all.

Speaking on a hastily prepared reaction video, Williams explained that now the Whills are canon the plot will revolve around a migration away from light and dark to the Bendu.

Friends say they wish Simon would get out more, as sitting at home shouting ‘Wooo!’ more than a drunken hen party about the trailer on his vlog is getting a bit worrying now.

“It’s obvious we’re heading towards the fulfilment of the prophecy about balance being brought to The Force,” he told us.

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“If you don’t get that from Luke saying ‘Just Breathe’ like a slightly creepy yoga instructor and Rey falling over you can’t be a proper fan of Star Wars.

“God, have you people no lives?” he added.

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