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Uranus has asteroids, say giggling astronomers

Astronomers uranus

NASA and the European Space Agency have released pictures which show that – pfffft- Uranus has – lol – asteroids at a press conference today.

The asteroids are reported to be huge and rounded and clustered in a ‘thick brown ring’ round Uranus, said Simon Williams, Head of the Very Childish Array at NASA.

If the asteroids cluster too thickly it is possible that Uranus may collapse into a Brown Dwarf with catastrophic consequences, he continued between fits of giggles.

“Nasa and the European Space Agency have worked very hard to probe Uranus, attempting to penetrate its secrets but plug any gaps in our knowledge at the same time,” he said with gritted teeth and one eye twitching furiously.

“We think that Uranus may weakly interact at the subatomic level with the bottom quark”, he added before stuffing his fist into his mouth.

When asked if the discovery had any implications for future exploration or energy sources, Dr Williams replied that he is very sure the Sun doesn’t shine out of Uranus, before falling off his chair.

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