University Challenge star unable to find answer to thirty grand’s worth of debt

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University Challenge contestant, Eric Monkman, has been unable to answer a simple starter question relating to his crippling student debt.

In the yet to be broadcast director’s cut of this week’s final, smirking host Jeremy Paxman asked the eight finalists what is the correct answer to thirty thousand pounds worth of debt, within a ten percent error margin.

Brainbox Monkman was first to hit the buzzer with the incorrect answer “bar job”, which resulted in his team being deducted five points.

“Bar job seemed like a logical choice because everyone I graduated with has managed to secure one,” he told us.

“But when Balliol’s Simone Williams answered with “photoshoot for Razzle”, I honestly thought we had lost.”

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In a clip that went viral, the distraught contestant was heard whispering to his fellow team member ‘seriously – what the fuck have I been doing for the last three years’.

A downbeat Monkman said, “ I’ve got my whole life ahead of me, but I may as well be dead.”

Paxman said, “A correct answer would have led to three piss-easy bonus questions on Assyrian architecture.”

He added, “The correct answer is, of course, rich parents.”