Entire afternoon spent searching for perfect excuse to leave work early

author avatar by 7 years ago

Getting away early for the long weekend has consumed your entire afternoon, according to reports.

While spreadsheets needed reconciling, you instead thought up creative ways to ensure you were sat on the M4 long before the morons who had to stay till 5:30.

“I thought about the doctors, the dentist, and even a school emergency,” you told us earlier.

“But in the end, I decided that honesty was the best policy and asked the boss if maybe we could all go a little early seeing as it’s the long weekend and we want to avoid the traffic.

“He said no.

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“Which is why I’m still sat here at 5:25.”

Your boss took a moment from packing his briefcase to tell us, “For all the work I’ve got out of this lot, we might as well have shut up shop at lunchtime.”

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