Ken Livingstone to replace Sean Spicer as chief Hitler Fact-Checker

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Hitler-lover, Ken Livingstone, is to replace browbeaten US Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, as the chief authority on Der Fuehrer, according to sources.

The chirpy Londoner will commence work on Thursday week and is seen as the final solution to Donald Trump’s public relations woes.

Part of his brief will be to tackle the long-overdue task of educating the American public as to what exactly took place during the Holocaust.

Livingstone is no stranger to publicity and has been described as the ‘only truly successful left-wing British politician of modern times, apart from Jeremy Corbyn’.

The former Mayor of London responded to an advert in the New York Times seeking someone with a ‘Grade C O-Level or equivalent qualification in History, who is slightly less of a cunt than David Starkey’.

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Meanwhile, Livingstone’s first US public outing was on the Hitler-inspired US topical satire show Have I Got Jews For You.

Livingstone said, “I was really looking forward to meeting Newt Gingrich, but he’s not what I thought it was.”

He added, “You may not like my version of the Holocaust – that is your choice.

“If the worst comes to the worst, you can always google it.”

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