Previously undiscovered Amazonian tribe found holding ‘Wenger Out’ signs

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Extraordinary aerial shots of a previously undiscovered Amazonian tribe holding ‘Wenger Out’ signs have emerged today.

The photos we’re taken deep in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest and appear to show a tribal community almost untouched by the outside world, but still suffering after Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat by Crystal Palace.

The images depict several senior tribe members gathered around their primitive village; Some can be seen wearing little clothing, holding sticks and preparing various forms of Arsenal protest paraphernalia.

Felipe Luiz, a tribal activist, was on the plane at the time the photographs were taken.

He told us, “It’s a worrying sign as these tribes are very vulnerable to outside diseases and football drama in general.

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“Whether it’s deforestation or unwanted trespassers, they’ve got enough to worry about without throwing their hat into the Wenger debate.

“Which isn’t even a debate by the way. 21 years?! It’s time to go mate,” Felipe added without being prompted.

The cause of this foray into the Wenger debate is unclear, but sources believe it may have something to do with the ‘No Contract #WengerOut’ banner the photography plane was carrying at the time.

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