Man who called Obama ‘founder of ISIS’ happy to create new power vacuum for ISIS to thrive in

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A man who called President Barack Obama the founder of ISIS has embarked upon a campaign of missile strikes that will create a power vacuum upon which ISIS will thrive.

US commentator, Simon-Bob Williams, said, “Only weeks ago, self-styled ‘president’, Donald Trump, was repeatedly telling everyone the United States should forget what’s happening outside of America and concentrate on his voice grating again.

“However, now he’s sending in some missile attacks thousands of miles away instead of building that mythical wall, like he told everyone he was going to.

“He is literally unable see the hypocrisy of what’s happening, telling everyone it’s ‘fake news’ – 2017’s answer to ‘whatevs’.

“The Syrian government has suggested chemical attacks it allegedly made are fake news, confounding the issue, as it resulted at one point in the US effectively calling the situation ‘fake’ fake news, making it, by definition, horrifyingly real; something the Trump administration were neither expecting nor prepared for in a hundred million years.”

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ISIS spokeswoman, Elena d’Efinitelynotgay, stated, “All we want in every area is some sort of power vacuum, where we can move in and take back control to grow our message of intolerance and violent suppression.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was all a plot by isolationists everywhere.”