Concern as President Trump tweets ‘Donnie play Nuke-nuke’

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The White House tried to play down the latest tweet from the US President that simply read ‘Donnie play nuke-nuke.’

The tweet followed shortly after another tweet that read ‘Weeeee! Big rockets go bang,’ which served as an announcement that the US had conducted a series of airstrikes against a Syrian Government airbase.

“As far as we know, the President has no intention of launching any kind of nuclear attack,” said a terrified Sean Spicer.

“We think it just means he wants to play with his big red toy button and pretend he’s launching missiles against the biased fake news media.

“Gee, I really hope that’s what it means.”

The new hawkish attitude towards Syria seems to have changed in the wake of a toughening of relations with Russia.

Initially, the President seemed keen to maintain cordial relations with the Russian regime, as illustrated by a tweet from several weeks ago that read – ‘Vladimir is my best friend, and I love him, and I love playing with him.’

That attitude seemed to abruptly change on Thursday when the President tweeted ‘Putin – that’s like a poo in a tin. Vladimir’s a poo in a tin.’

It is not known what caused the change in relations.

While the situation regarding both Russia and Syria remains fluid, it is understood that senior Republicans are trying to calm the president down by giving him a big bag of sweets and a new PlayStation with a copy of Call of Duty in space.