Use of chemical weapons bad enough to bomb Syria but not bad enough take in refugees, confirms Trump

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The use of chemical weapons in Syria is enough to justify a US missile attack, but not enough to justify opening your doors to the people trying to get away from them, according to the White House this morning.

Just hours after launching a bombing raid on military targets in Syria, White House spokesperson Sean Spicer explained the US was left with no option, and that the people of Syria are getting the help they need.

He told reporters, “If you’re terrified of being gassed by your own government, you don’t need a safe place to escape to, you need to know another country is dropping further bombs on your country.

“Well, I can assure the Syrian people that although our doors remain firmly shut to them, we are willing to drop as many bombs around them as we deem necessary.

“And we might deem quite a lot to be necessary.

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“I would say to the people of Syria that if you feel the need to get out of the way of a few bombs, try the next town, or camping in the countryside, because ultimately the only people who would ever try to come to the US to escape them are obviously terrorists.”