Thank God no-one is blaming us for any of this term-time holiday kerfuffle, say holiday firms

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Teachers and parents can continue going at it hammer and tongs for as long as they like, according to holiday firms today.

With debate raging over whether parents can take their children out of school during term time, or whether they should be punished for doing so – the people ultimately responsible are sitting back and enjoying the show.

“The Easter holidays last year paid for my new Mercedes, so long live the fight between parents and teachers,” explained one travel agent sitting back with a fat cigar.

“One side is angry they can’t go on holiday when we’re not gouging them, while the other group is angry because the first group insists on going on holiday when we’re not gouging them.

“As long as they keep blaming each other we’ll remain quids in.

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Another travel agent we spoke to said, “You can’t blame us, it’s just the invisible hand of the market.

“And right now that invisible hand has said that I must rip off any parents desperate for a break from the relentless slog of a 9-5 job they hate which is done only to temporarily sate their persistently needy kids.”

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