Steve Bannon sits Donald Trump in front of Fox News so the grown-ups can talk about politics

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Steve Bannon has this morning sat President Trump in front of his favourite TV programme so that the adults in the room can have a discussion about politics.

A White House insider said that Trump gets grumpy if he’s not allowed to watch his shows, so Steve Bannon sits him down every morning in from the TV with a pop tart and the remote control before they hum the theme tune to Fox & Friends which always leaves the President smiling.

A source told us, “He sits humming the theme before singing ‘Fox annnnd Friends’, then stuffs a mouthful of pop tart into his face and all down his shirt.

“But by then Bannon is leading a conversation about policies the government will implement for the next twelve months. The President is happy enough chuckling away at the TV.

“Sometimes we forget to take his phone off him, and before you know it he’s sent out a couple of tweets about what’s on the screen in front of him – but that’s the price you pay for a few minutes peace.

“We’ve tried a play crib, but the Secret Service always get him out before we can do anything useful.

“On the plus side, at least he’s over Peppa Pig.”