Jabba the Hutt denies sexual harassment charge

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Businessman, commenter and media personality Jabba the Hutt has denied allegations of sexual harassment against Princess Leia this afternoon.

Hutt, who has business interests in space transit and is best known for his appearances as a television pod racing promoter and commentator, stands accused of using his position to harass a succession of women culminating in an attempt to ‘stick his tongue down the throat’ of Princess Leia Organa within minutes of them meeting.

Jabba is understood to be paying twelve million credits as an out of court settlement, but insists this is not an admission of wrongdoing and that he is paying up as he ‘feared being throttled by political correctness’.

Allegations also suggest that Hutt sacked Oola the Dancing Girl when she resisted his advances and used his influence to ensure the system ‘ate her alive’ when she complained.

“This is just racism against immensely corpulent green slug-beasts by jealous social justice Jedi warriors”, said Bib Fortuna on an Internet comments thread.

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